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For many years we have searched, learned, and practiced different ways of optimized living through sex, diet, voluminous reading, and social experience. Different stages in life presented different opportunities of learning. In high school we began to learn about nutrition because of weight cutting for wrestling, in college we studied women because, well, we were in college; and in post-college life we have searched for meaning, purpose, and what it truly means to be alive. Alive in the sense of higher presence, making those around us feel good, and working towards our best selves.

Whether or not we knew it this journey has always been about learning to feel as good as we possibly can for as long as we can. Due to Macin’s recent experience with Mercury poisoning we took a full-dive into the waters of what true health means and the incredible impact is has on our everyday experience. Most of us probably don’t realize the different levels of health we can achieve and the great impact this has on us. In the western world especially, health has become this binary thought process. You’re healthy or you’re not. As long as you go to the doctor once a year and he says you’re healthy than you are. I remember a couple years ago I went to my physician and asked for all the tests he could give me. I wanted to know the full spectrum of what was going on and what I could be doing better. He took blood, fondled my gonads, weighed me, measured me, and did the full works. As I anxiously awaited his call I imagined him coming back with detailed information and insight for me to gain higher levels of vitality. Disappointingly I was told everything looked good and I’m in good health. In good health I thought? What the fuck does that mean? If my resting heart rate is 65 and that’s good then what can I do to make it better. I wanted my doctor to give me the tools to be healthier so that I could live more vibrantly, have more energy, and be able to accomplish more in life. What I got back is not so much a reflection of my physician’s abilities but more so a reflection of the medical system we have and the way it is used.

Our reliance on our current system is part of what has lead to three out of four men being overweight, children with diabetes (something that did not exist 30 years ago), and more prescription drugs being used than ever before. A great friend of mine who is a Radiologist enlightened me on the subject. He explained that most Doctors do not work to keep people healthy, rather they are there when shit gets fucked up to fix it. Much like a mechanic who replaces a carburetor but isn’t teaching you how to drive or filling up your gas once a week. As unfortunate as Macin’s sickness has been it has brought us to an extremely fortunate place where we have learned how sickness works, how energy gets depleted, and how to reverse all the shit we have done to ourselves in order to live a more fulfilling, loving, happy life. Now we want to bring it all together, simplify it, and give it to you.

The purpose of this blog is to synthesize everything that we have learned about nutrition, detoxification, regeneration, and higher health. Higher health for the purpose of feeling incredible, being able to think more clearly, and live with abundant levels of energy so we can do everything we want in the short time we have.

The person who learns the best is the person who has to. The person who is cornered and isn’t even sure if he’ll be able to get out. I haven’t come across a tougher journey or story that better illustrates how physical health can hijack your mind, emotions, and every day experience than what Macin went through. If you haven’t yet read his piece than do so here. If you’re interested in better health, higher energy, clearer thinking, and an overall higher way of living than you have come to the right place. Sign up on our email list to stay updated and visit often. Feel free to bug us with any questions at info@detoxdudes.com and annoy us to put more content out there.

As always, be in peace, walk with joy, live with integrity, love fully, and laugh often.

Aden & Macin – The Detox Dudes

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